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  • ReLoad  2D narrative RPG game (In progress Indie)

    Designer, Developer, Artist


    - Unity/C#.

    - 2D RPG game with some elements of puzzle, narrative, survival, gal, action.

    - Pure 2D style pictures (Anime Drawing Style) with some 360 panorama scenes.

    Detailed Info

    - Gameplay and Story (In progress)

    Player plays a role of a man who knows he is in a game and he is a game player. Use Save and Load to push the story line. There are some restrictions on Save and Load. Player must Save and Load at the right time to get to a good end. For example, some NPC will die, and to save them you have to load a former game archive. If you save the archive in a wrong time before(such as you save it on Wed but the right answer is Mon), then the archive is wrong and you may save some NPCs but another NPC will die or some other bad things will happen (sounds like Time Backtracking). So save and load to go to the right end.

    The story is about school life, affection, friendship and love. The most philosophical point is to discuss the relationship between program and human because you talk and touch the NPC means that you talk and touch a program. It will also discuss the relationship problem between artificial intelligence and human.

    - Character Design (In progress)

    - Scene Design (In progress, Panorama 360° Drawing)

  • The Distance  2-player cooperative puzzle-platformer adventure game

    Technical Designer, Lead Programmer


    - Unity/C#.

    - Online co-op game that can be played with your friends no matter where they are.

    - Unique mechanics that requires close collaboration.

    Detailed Info

    - Gameplay and Story

    The Distance is a 2-player cooperative puzzle-platformer adventure game. Players take the role of a former couple who are invited into a dreamlike and mysterious atmosphere where they see different parts of the world and have to progress together with mutual understand and support. As they navigate this unique environment, they reveal each other’s secrets and the story of their past has been unfolded。

    - Early Prototypes

  • Darkness  3D puzzle game

    Team Leader, Designer, Developer, Artist


    - Unity/C#.

    - Players can switch the control of character and sprite, manipulating the sprite to trigger the trap to beat monsters. And collected materials to walk to the end of the game.

    - 2.5D Perspective.

    Detailed Info

    - Gameplay and Story

    It's puzzle game. Player have to control 2 models. One is a girl, one is a light sprite spinning around the girl. Some pitfalls can only be solved by the girl and others by the sprite. They 2 share a common health named Light. When one leaves the other, Light will decrease, and the decreasing speed depends on their distance. When Light is 0, game over. You have to seperate them apart to pass some traps. It is really interesting and puzzling.

    The game is the girl's nightmare. She is actually taking a life-and-death surgery and player's choice will affect the final result of this surgery. She is a disabled person always lying on bed and really want to go to the outside world, walk, run and play. But her condition deteriorated and must take a surgery in order to live. In her nightmare (the game level), she will achieve her dream: walk, run and play for fun. But she will also met many monsters. She forgot everything and have to go through many hard levels to recall everything. Players will see the whole thing gradually with the game going deeper. They will see some scenes or images and get some clues to piece together and do reasoning to find the whole thing. But only at the end of the game can they know the girl's whole life and the truth that she is disabled and taking a surgery.

    - Demo Screen Capture

  • Tohou Fantasy  2D horizontal shooting game

    Designer, Developer, Artist

    May.2014 – Jul.2014

    - A Tohou Project Doujin Game developed with over 6000 lines of code.

    - Pure C++ Application with HGE lib.

    - Have 5 stages, 13 kinds of enemies, 4 kinds of drops.

    - Have last replay function.

    Detailed Info Download & Play Download Source Code

    - Demo Screen Capture

Related Works

  • MMD Render Videos  using mikumikudance

    - Made simple character animations.

    - Made camera animations.

    - Added special efficacy.

    - Real-time rendering.

    Detailed Info

    - MMD Demo 1