Xinyu Shao (iiidiot)

A coder who cannot do painting and composing is not a good game designer

我是邵新宇。 一名独立游戏作者,热爱游戏策划

我本科毕业于上海交通大学软件工程专业,十分熟悉C/C++, Unity/C#, Java等语言。 现在正在美国洛杉矶南加州大学(USC)攻读游戏开发硕士

除了代码之外,我也懂绘画编曲。我目前正在制作一款独立游戏——"ReLoad", 所有工作都由我一人完成。



如果想了解我的游戏和项目,可以浏览我的 作品集.


Hi, my name is Xinyu Shao. I love game and game design.

I am an indie game designer pursuing MS in Computer Science (Game Development) with solid coding skills in C/C++, Unity/C#, Java, etc.

In addition, I can also draw/paint and compose/arrange music. At present, I'm making an indie game named ReLoad all by my own.

I think the core of game is to make players happy. But a good game must give some deeper things to players besides happiness, such as changing a little bit of their outlook on life, values or any other things, helping them find out themselves, bring them courage and energy and so on.

My undergradute college is Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU). After graduation with a B.Eng in Software Engineering from SJTU, I'm now pursuing my MS degree in University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles, CA, United States.

I'm trying my best to make a good game.

For more about my games and projects, please visit my Portfolio.

Contact me:xinyu.shao.game@gmail.com